Our Courses

Intensive Courses

Our wide range of intensive courses will help you secure a driving licence within a short period of time. Traditionally called ‘Crash Courses’, these are designed to fast track your journey to securing a driving licence through condensed learning.

Beginner Courses

Our Beginner Courses are tailored to the support those who have absolutely no road experience. These are aimed at giving you a quick confidence booster and self-assurance.

Pay as You Go

In order to meet the varying requirements of our client base, Impulse offers pay as you learn courses, these are offered on both Manual and Auto services and will allow you to pay by the hour if required.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a non-mandatory driving qualification which supports learners in gaining practical road experience which is something that a majority of students do not cover during standard driving lessons.

Motorway familiarization

The Motorway Familiarization course is specially designed for candidates who have secured their driving licence but feel that they need more guided support to understand how to drive on the motorway with confidence.

Course Assessment

If you’re not sure where to start, you can try using the Impulse Driving Course Assessment in Greater Manchester which will allow you to do a sense check on your existing driving skills; and allow the instructor to help you choose the right course for you.

Refresher Courses

Impulse Refresher Courses are designed for learners who have limited on-road experience who feel they may benefit from further guidance before they get back on the road. We are committed to instilling confidence in all our clients so that you feel ready for the challenge of facing the driving test, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!