Sale is a large town in Greater Manchester, England. For learners who are looking at the driver training, so they become better drivers for their own ease and not just only for passing the driving test. 

Our service is premium than other driving schools, but very well worth it according to old successful students and their testimonial, which you see on the website and satisfy yourself.

Driver education is absolutely essential for all drivers. Our Driving lessons have enabled the drivers to achieve an unappalled success rate consistently in the region with the number of them achieving a totally ´faultless´ drive.  By having a necessary knowledge of the Road Traffic Act, and importantly, how it is applied by the traffic Authorities is also an essential part of our training.

In addition to standard driving lessons, impulse Driving School Sale also offers Driver Training to those wishing to take the Advanced Test.  We are professional and highly qualified to provide comprehensive driver education to people who wish to become safe drivers for life and is also able to provide drivers with an insight into the different driving style before they are on the roads.

We are the one driving school in Sale with the highly Advanced Instructor & Examiner qualifications, and our instructors also have enough driving experience, so you know your training will go perfectly. We tailor our training to the individual student´s needs, so you can be taught at the best place to suit you.

For Driving Lessons call us. Or book now and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible and guarantee you professional service!



Accomplishing your driving goals through affordable means!