Terms and Conditions

7Our aim is to prioritise customer satisfaction. Impulse Driving School provides a wide range of services catering to most needs and requirements. The main goal is to provide exceptional customer service to our learners and to ensure that they learn as quickly and effectively as possible. Impulse is proud of its network of highly DVSA qualified instructors which are assigned to every single one of our learners. It will always remain the mission of Impulse Driving School to improve and progress in all areas of service.
Once you book with Impulse Driving School, you are then agreeing to the terms & conditions.
1.) Impulse Driving School will use DVSA qualified and government-licenced instructors to ins-till knowledge in learners to the highest standard within their means in a modern vehicle and whom all instructors will be polite, friendly and patient.
2.) Special Offers for Beginners (Beginners Special Course) are non-refundable once booked. You will be assigned an instructor from start to finish. You must stay with the same instructor throughout the course. A learner cannot purchase more than one beginners special package. Once the course has been completed you will be automatically categorised within the standard rate of pay as you go lessons.
3.) On the First lesson you must provide your provisional driving licence (a green card) valid for the UK and Northern Island. If you hold an older provisional licence then we will require photo ID (for e.g. Passport, Student ID etc).
4.) It is necessary that all learners must be able to read a vehicle number plate from 67ft (20.5m). Learners must wear specific glasses or contact lenses for their correct vision at all times once driving.
5.) No learner should be under the influence of alcohol, drugs at any time. If an Impulse member notices any signs of the above listed characteristics, the course will become void and no refund will be made.
6.) The learner must reassure themselves in regards to the residency guidelines determined by the DVSA. If the learner is in any doubt what so ever then should directly contact DVSA before booking any course.
7.) All Impulse Driving School learners are expected to keep up good behaviour and acceptable manners. Good behaviours and acceptable manners should be displayed at all times during training. Impulse will not tolerate any indecent, abusive behaviour towards the instructor or physical damage. This will result in the cancellation of the course without any refund. In addition, the learner responsible will be accountable for any damage or shortfalls.
8.) The instructors vehicle should be treated with utmost care and respect. Any deliberate damage caused must be paid by the learner responsible.
9.) Waiting time will be considered as constituted driving time. For example, if waiting at a theory test centre or travel to and from the practical driving test centre.
10.) Impulse Driving School provides NO GUARANTEE to the availability of DVSA tests on the dates requested.
11.) While every effort will be made by your assigned instructor, should the learner fail to teach a satisfactory standard of driving, or is most likely to be a danger to themselves, people on the road, third parties or property, Impulse will reserve the right to refuse to present the learner to a test. No refunds will be made.
12.) Impulse Driving School cannot, will not, be held responsible for any expenses incurred in the event of the DVSA cancelling a test. In such circumstances, all complaints are solely with the DVSA, and must be made to them ONLY.
13.) Our aim is to retain the same instructor throughout your course. However, Impulse has the right to alter this policy in the event of any illness, holidays, vehicle breakdowns or any other unforeseen circumstances.
14.) For safety, all Impulse learners must follow the instructors guidance, directions and instructions at all times. If the learner does not cooperate in the interest of their safety then the course will become void.
15.) Learners must give a 36 hour period of time in advance to cancel their lessons. If the lesson is cancelled under this time period, the lesson will be charged at the rate it is.
16.) Deposits/full payments made to secure an intensive course are non refundable once an instructor has been assigned.
i)The deposit is only fully refundable if Impulse Driving School cannot locate the learner an instructor within 7 days.
ii.)If you have paid the deposit but wish to start at a later time and due to unforeseen circumstances you cannot continue the course, Impulse will deduct an admin fee of 10% and refund you the remaining amount of money.
iii.) If the learner has started the course with his or her assigned instructor and wishes to discontinue the course will therefore be non-refundable.
17.) If you wish to take one of cars hire test (local) it will cost the learner a fee of £60.
18.) If the learner is not local then the instructor will determine the price taking into consideration the travel time etc.
19.) Impulse Driving School holds no responsibility for payments made directly to the students assigned Impulse franchised instructor
20.) The Learners booking is valid for 6 months, failure to complete within the time frame will result in the booking to be void
21.) It is the learners responsibility to contact the instructor weekly to book lessons
22.) A test booked can only be done with full consent of the assigned driving instructor. Should the instructor feel that the learner is a dangerous driver, the instructor has every right to withdraw their vehicle from tests without notice